About Us

Plank Road Forestry, LLC is a private forestry consulting company that strives to give its clients the best service possible. We guide our clients through important timber investment decisions based on personal objectives of their property. Whether those objectives are to promote wildlife through various prescribed burning applications on a small tract of land or create a long term management plan that details each harvesting application on large investment tracts of land to fully maximize timber production in the shortest period of time, we will work diligently to get the most effective and efficient results. In many situations, our clients are not sure which objective would be best for their property. For all potential clients, we are happy to visit the property and give accurate recommendations on how to move forward with your forestry investments.

D. Logan Scarborough is the Managing Principal of Plank Road Forestry, LLC in Wadesboro, North Carolina. A 2010 graduate of North Carolina State University, Logan received his Bachelor of Science in Forest Management with a concentration in Management. Logan is a Registered Forester in North Carolina, NCRF #1721, and also a member of the Society of American Foresters and Central Carolina Forestry Club.